If you have an existing Recreational Team enrolled in a league in the SFV area or a group of kids interested in joining one, we can facilitate their development “THE RIGHT WAY”. Having a parent as a coach is the worst mistake a team can make (regardless of their soccer background or experience), since it might create conflicts with other parents and kids along with a lack of knowledge and resources.

“TRAIN as a TEAM so you can actually PLAY as a TEAM!”

A dedicated Elite Soccer PK Coach will run all team practices and show up to the actual games. The coach will help all players Reach their true and highest potential, improve their physical abilities, work to prevent injury, learn how nutrition plays an enormous role in physical performance, and build speed and strength through personalized training and programs.

We will cover the Basics and Fundamentals of soccer, such as how to control and pass the ball correctly, what part of the foot to use, how to short and long pass in order to reach the target with accuracy and many more such as:

  • Responsibility & Accountability
  • Values & Respect
  • Passing & Receiving
  • Dribbling & Juggling
  • Shooting
  • Positioning & Body language
  • Mobility & Anticipation
  • Decision Making
  • Attacking & Defending
  • Confidence & Leadership

and everything in between, and our specialty Footwork & Ball Handling to assure they learn the sport and a set of essential values.


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